Recording Details

All of the recordings posted on this site have been digitally re-mastered from original recordings in my collection and are available in several formats:

  • Acoustically reproduced in mp3 format.
  • Electrically reproduced with noise reduction in mp3 format.
  • Electrically reproduced with no noise reduction in wav format.

The acoustical reproductions are recorded from my Brunswick model 117 acoustical phonograph, circa 1920, equipped with Brunswick's patented "Ultona" reproducer. Laterally cut discs are played back with a reproduction "soft" tone steel needle from "Sounds of Old." The microphone is placed about 2-3 feet from the horn to pick up the fullest sound while minimizing ambient noise.

Electrical transcriptions are made using an Esoteric Sound turntable with a flat equalization amplifier.

In all cases, the digital recordings mad made on a Samson Zoom H4 handheld digital recorder. Noise reduction processing is done using Diamond Cut Productions' DC7 Audio Resoration software. Conversion from the original wav format to mp3 was carried out using the free "Format Factory" software.