15 December 2009

A javascript pop-up media player was implemented on the website. It makes use of the default player installed on the visitor's computer and embeds it in the pop-up window. Right-clicking the audio links passes through to the browser's normal centext menu. If javascript is disabled or not available, the links simply download the audio files.

6 December 2009

All static HTML pages have been created and uploaded to the new server. Two sample audio files (converted to mp3 from 10-year-old Real Audio transcriptions) are included on a static HTML audio page. All audio will be re-recorded & digitized to take advantage of new digital recording equipment I purchased since the Computerola first went online. For more details see the recording details page under "about." Full implementation of the php/MySQL audio page is under development and should be launched sometime in January or February 2010 at the latest.

29 November 2009

Due to other commitments, I did not have time to work on Computerola 'til the Thanksgiving Holiday. Finally (!) new artwork and page templates have been created. A placeholder page with the new Computerola logo was uploaded to the new server. Page templates are based on the "Antique Modern" cascading style sheet (css) by Aaron Ganschow. The decision was made to post all recordings in mp3 format, rather than Real Audio, using an embedded mp3 player to "stream" the content. The use of mp3 will allow users to download the audio in addition to listening online.

July 2009

The decision was made to host Computerola on a Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP server, rather than a Windows based Front-Page compatible Server. HostMonster was selected because of their extensive services and low cost.

June 2009

Computerola went off line. Our hosting account was suspended then terminated. The original website was not retrievable.